The ins and outs of three-card poker for newplayers

Of all the casino games you could play online, poker is one that has really stood the test of time. The history of poker can either be traced back to 10th-century China or 16th-century Persia, depending on which story you believe. There is no doubt that it was invented a long time ago though and remains popular at online casinos to this day.

One reason for this is the huge choice of poker variants to try out. This helps stopplayersgetting bored from playing the same type all the time and keeps the game fresh. Three-card poker is one type you might see around – but what does it involve?

What is three-card poker’s history?

 This sort of poker is actually quite a recent addition to the game’s ranks, as it was created in 1994 by Derek Webb. Over time, its speedy gameplay combined with simple rules and decent payouts have made it popular at casinos.

This now means that you can find it at the best online casinos around the planet. If you play at NJ online casino sites, then Resorts Casino is the best place to find three-card poker. Not only does Resorts Casino offer this and other classic casino games to enjoy, but it also has a good range of payment options and a fabulous mobile app to use.

How does three-card poker work?

 In its basic form, this type of poker is a straight battle between the player and the dealer. Once players have made their ante bet, three cards are dealt to each player and the dealer.Players can then choose to fold or place another wager equal to their initial one to stay in the game. If they continue, everyone shows their hand and wagers are resolved.

The dealer has to have a queen-high hand or better to play – if they cannot, then ante wagers are paid out at 1:1 and no further play is allowed in that hand. If the dealer does play and beats any players, they lose both their ante and second stake. Tied hands see no action on either wager, and a player win sees their ante and second bet amount paid at 1:1.

What are the best hands in three-card poker?

As in other types of poker, you need to know the best-value hands. A straight flush is considered the best, with three of a kind, a straight and a flush following. A pair is ranked next with a high-card hand being the least valuable. Knowing these hands will help you to make the right call on whether to play.

Three-card poker is a fun change

 Poker is one of the best casino games to play online, and three-card poker is a great addition to the game’s ranks and certainly something new to enjoy when you fancy a change.